Phones, Phablets and Watches - What Apple Wants to Tempt You with Now

Almost a year to the day after launching the iPhone 5 Apple once again summoned the world's press to its headquarters on September 9 to reveal two more highly anticipated products - the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch.

The launch of the Apple Watch (which most people had incorrectly predicted would be called the iWatch) marked the first time that Apple had launched an entirely new product since 2010, when, in what would be his last launch appearance, the late Steve Jobs announced the launch of the iPad. To many pundits the watch then represents a lot more to the company than just another way to makes truckloads of cash, it also marks the real beginning of the post Steve Jobs, Tim Cook led era for the company.

But just what do these new offerings have in store for all of the Apple fanboys and fangirls awaiting them with bated breath? Let's take a look.

The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus

No one was really expecting any radical changes in the iPhone 6 over the iPhone 5 so at least no one was disappointed. The biggest change is in the size, something that is a direct response to the phone's Android based rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy, phones that have boasted larger screens for some time.

The standard iPhone 6 boasts a screen size of 4.7 inches while the iPhone 6 Plus moves into 'phablet' territory with a screen measuring a whopping 5.5 inches. Both models are also sleeker and thinner than their predecessors. Apple have also added an A8 chip which they say offers “up to 25% faster processing power and up to 50% faster graphics,” and some major tweaks to the cameras that should please those who like to use their iPhone as their primary camera (yes, we're talking to you selfie fans)

While there is nothing so groundbreaking about the iPhone 6 that an immediate upgrade from the iPhone 5 is a must the lines were already beginning to form around Apple stores days ahead of its September 19 release!

The Apple Watch

It is quite fair to say that the real star of the launch conference was the Apple Watch, which will debut for sale 'in early 2015'. Once again squaring off with Samsung, who already make and market a smart watch, the Apple Watch looks impressive. But just what does it offer? It will deliver phone calls emails, those all-important Facebook updates, simpler apps and the endlessly ready to please Siri to the wrist, negating the need to be that annoying person who has to pull out their phone every few minutes during a serious meeting, or worse still, a hot date.

In terms of visuals its screen boasts the same high quality retina display as the iPhone and although its square face is not quite as elegant as the circular Moto 360 the Apple Watch is still a relatively good looking piece of jewelry as well as a piece of tech. Make proper use of the many lock screen 'watch faces' that will be available to you and you will not only be able to personalize its look but make it rather attractive as well.

Price point is also of course of great interest, and although the company would not be drawn to name a definitive final price tag for all markets the likely cost will be right around $349, £217, 270€ or AU$379. Again, it is certainly not a necessity that you get an Apple Watch but we fully expect to see them flying off the shelves next year.


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